Selfcoaching The Creator®

« Everyone is unique but we are all established on the same universal creative human mechanisms » Sβ


Psychoevolutionary Observatory is proud to present Selfcoaching Training ProgramTHE CREATOR®

Become your personal COACH  !

The Self-coaching Training Program The CREATOR® is an original concept which addresses your desire to transform yourself.  Any transformation is done through a series of shocks.

The ego often feels victim for receiving these shocks and tends to close off from changes. You can learn to stay receptive and cope with your inner injuries, fears and doubts.

The self-coaching training and the agenda The Creator® have been created by Sylvie Bergeron. This course is the result of 25 years of field studies which laid the foundation of the practical aspects of evolutionary psychology and is based on the integration of the invisible Self harmonized with the conscious Self and the Universal planes.  

Learn to decode the events of your life using the AGENDA The CREATOR® 

« Nowadays, our lives are based on performance.  At work, in our love life and even in our spiritual quest, we look for tangible results.  This quest, diverted from its true meaning, constantly overwhelms our inner being and moves us even farther from our Creator self. This mysterious part of our individuality can only be contacted when we shift our sensory-physical consciousness onto our supramental consciousness. » SB.

 The Training Program teaches the mechanisms of the soul and the spirit.  At one point, you will put in perspective this subtle part of you and clearly see it at play through your invisible agenda. The supramental instruction helps you harmonize your psychological Self (sensory) with your supramental identity (extrasensory) so you can synchronize your life to your inner movement rather than to the others.

  • Using the Agenda, you will learn to efficiently decode and execute the fundamental movements to your self-accomplishment by being aware of the links between your thoughts and the events you attract.
  • You will understand more clearly and quickly the events coming into your life.
  • As a Creator, your power of influence could change from 2 years to 24 hours.


« In your daily life based on performance, are you aware that events are created by your thoughts through your emotional dynamics? The more you become aware of what is thought through you, the more clearly you see how events are connected. You can than quickly intervene in the world of thoughts and stop suffering from your emotions. This instantaneity allows you to fully participate to your Agenda. » SB.

The consequence : A new way of life in sync with your true value in your daily life !

Becoming our own coach by decoding events !

The Agenda The CREATOR® completes the self-coaching Training The CREATOR® by linking theory to practice in a continuous flow.

This sense of continuity will give you an insight on how events act as evolutionary keys in your daily life.

Everything in our lives has a hidden meaning which we have the responsibility to understand and unveil.

The self-coaching training and the Agenda The CREATOR® will reveal the doors you must open to accomplish yourself and the different keys you are given.  You will become more autonomous in managing events and more accurate in reading the movements of your own reality.

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