Why we recommand this Selfcoaching Training Program

Become your own coach !

To help achieve your goals and make your dreams come true, we recommend taking the Selfcoaching training Program The Creator® in order to earn comprehension of the deep mechanisms of your humanity in all its dimensions. You will learn to decipher your invisible reality and create your life from within your real Self. But also you’ll get to know yourself profoundly, understand the tensions you go through and relieve yourself from them. With this understanding you will fulfill yourself, come through all sorts of crisis, and deal with others better, according to their consciousness level. 

The Selfcoaching training Program The Creator® will clearly explain to you the distinction between emotions, feelings, beliefs, memory, soul, personality, mind, soul instinct and mind instinct, pain, suffering, supramental, dream, spiritual love and real love, atom, psyche, mental, psychology, ego, etc. 

The more you will understand the human mechanisms and those of the universe, the more accurate and assured your reading of events will be. 
The universe is talking to you and you can read it ! 
The Selfcoaching training Program The Creator® and the Agenda The Creator® will allow you to: 

  • Better perceive how you are responsible of attracting the events in your life 
  • Learn to recognize your hidden dimensions: the soul and the spirit 
  • Refine your sensitivity through the expression of your desires 
  • Grasp the nature of thoughts, source of your quality of life 
  • Come to a clear reading of your hidden face under the lines of an invisible agenda 
  • Find harmony between your rational and intuitive Self, leading to more creativity 
  • Live the events of your own life instead of those of the others 
  • Improve your faculty of making events happen from 2 years to 24 hours 



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