You, The Creator 1

You are here because you want to know yourself in depth.

The Self-coaching Training Program and the Agenda The CREATOR® are evolutive tools that will help you get in touch with unsuspected aspects of your inner identity.  It might turn your life around and other’s life upside down. Your real Self will be revealed through the expansion of your consciousness. You will expand and this will inevitably disturb others, afraid and unwilling that you embrace this new tuning.  Doubt might interfere in your need to expand and you might even resist the inner changes revealed to you because we have all been deeply programmed to stay in the shadow of our true inner power: our Creator.

Why the self-coaching Training Program The Creator® will help you accomplish yourself ?

The training will introduce you to the mechanisms of the soul and the spirit so you can progressively perceive how you attract events in your life through the action of these subtle and often unknown parts of your inner self. You will learn to grasp these hidden dimensions.

The Agenda The CREATOR® will facilitate the learning into practice. The Agenda helps you measure your inner transformations because your evolution will happen right before your eyes as you write it down in your agenda. You have a very important appointment, a daily appointment with yourself.

How the self-coaching Training The CREATOR® Level 1 will help you accomplish yourself?

The Level 1 is intended for those who have already reached their subtle dimensions as well as very rational people.

The Level 1 will invite you to take full responsibility of your planetary Self by becoming aware of your power over matter. With the Training Program The CREATOR® 1, you will learn to understand the fine thread weaving events together by setting your personality in motion. You will develop a deeper awareness of the details in your life and will be able to more efficiently assess your power of intention.  This work will allow you to understand why you attract certain unwanted events and how to make the desired events happen. 

The Level 1 invites you to study your involutional way of life. It will allow you to better define your personality so you can realize how it alters your perception of things. The first identity we develop is the personality and it is our individual responsibility to defend its expression. When you can clearly appreciate its colors, you realize how your personality is displayed in your relations with others. You will understand that your relationships and the events in your life are produced by psychological projections triggered by your sensory brain. You will raise your awareness on the fact that your personality is inevitably entangled in the memory of the clan you belong to and that it has forged your temporary identity.

A fact : As long as you’re tied to a clan, you’re not individualized in consciousness.

Your personality is only the surface of your Creator Self that is, a narrow psychological consciousness based on habitual behaviours which prevents you from seeing the real span of your radiance.  You will realize the false value you give yourself and will wish to move on to Level 2 to know your inner self more profoundly.

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