The 3 levels


  • 3 Agendas The CREATOR® for you to discover
  • 3 levels of consciousness in your daily life.

Training The CREATOR® 1: the psychological consciousness

The study is about the psychological behaviour in relation to the development of the Self and the underlying mechanisms of the soul and the emotions. The sensory brain is divided in two hemispheres, rational and intuitive, which have been progressively in confrontation to the point where the intuition and the feminine essence have been eliminated from our conscious lives. We will study the memories of the clan (family) and how distorting reality traps our consciousness into sensoriality.

The Self-coaching Training Program and the Agenda The CREATOR® 1 puts your personality in perspective.

Training The CREATOR® 2: the psychic consciousness

When the Self becomes aware of its inner voice as the expression of its intuition and decides to let it expand, the Self will go through a series of disillusions opening its conscience to a more radiant part of its being: the thought adjustor. The study of the submental makes a connection between the psychological behavior tied to senses and the domination of the invisible worlds over the human mind. This study will encourage the shedding of the personality, a crucial move for the expansion of it’s sensory-physical consciousness.

The Self-coaching Training Program and the Agenda The CREATOR® 2 puts your person in perspective.

Training course The CREATOR® 3: the supramental consciousness

The noise interfering in the mind always blinds the recognition of our Self and of invisibles forces. It is replaced by even subtler veils when our widened consciousness is able to shatter any forms of domination. As it passes through different initiations, the psychological Self crumbles down while the ego becomes more centric allowing the supramental consciousness to gain in strength. We can than decode the events through the insight of our vibratory counter-part: our spirit. It is at the end of a long process of mental, psychic and physical transparency that we can synchronize our vibratory strengths to design a new way of life.

The Self-coaching Training Program and the Agenda The CREATOR® 3 puts your pre-personal self or Creator Self in perspective. 

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